Tree News. Birds and the song of life

Time Out. The war you can't hear

Time Out. London After The Bomb

The Listener. Sport can damage your health

The Listener. Splitting Images the graphic story

The Listener. A return to Victorian values

The Illustrated London News. 1987 must be better

Spectator Business. London's Sinking

Radio Times. The Ashes

Radio Times.Chasing the dragon

Punch. Be my Valentine

Punch. Almanack

New Society. The great British spending spree

New Scientist. Twilight race for life

New Scientist. The end of a great technology

New Scientist. Research in the National Health Service

New scientist. Master versus machine

New Scientist. Cold winters and the economy

New Scientist. Building the genome in bytes

New Scientist. Ark under siege

New Internationalist. The big clampdown

ICI magazine

Fortune International. Coping with the strong dollar

Classical Music. Make a note

Business Systems Equipment. Flexible Working Hours

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