'This is the Way of The World' is a compilation from the more than a thousand poems Felix wrote.

They trace the stages of life from cradle to grave with his customary humanity, and occasional savagery.


Published by Ebury in June 2014

You can find more details on Felix's website

What You Find Out When You're Rich

Borrowed Time

The Way of the World

This is the Song

To Look And SEE

The Awkward Squad

The Elephant in the Room

The House That Crack Built

The Law That Knows No Law

The Sky Is In The Puddle

Reading for Fun

Soldier of the Queen

'Thank you'

I Meet a Stranger in the Glass

"I plucked all the cherries"


Love's Pledges


Conversation with a Child by 'The Cotton House'

Goodbye! Goodbye!

'I found a cat…'

I Have Wasted The Day

'An elephant carries a ball on his back...'

Bits and Bobs


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