'Tales from the woods' is a collection of original poetry by poet, publisher and maverick multimillionaire Felix Dennis. Illustrated throughout with colour-washed pen and ink illustrations by artist Bill Sanderson, here are 50 evocative poems, celebrating trees and their part in our landscape, written by the biggest private planter of broadleaf trees in Britain.


Published Ebury press 2010

You can find more details on Felix's website

An English light

Arrival of the New Owner

Autumn Harvest

Blackthorn Winter


Winter Wood


Death of a Pied-Wagtail

Early Morning in Dorsington

Go Not To The Walnut Tree...

Oak Tree (Cover)

Incident in a Sunken Garden

School Outing in a Deserted Hamlet

Sylva Anathema

The Green Man's Seed

The Hornbeams

The Walnut Wood

The Wedding Dress

The Wishing Tree

Udde Well Pond

Upon the beach

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